We recently attended the European Voice debate on the role for pesticides in sustainable agriculture (disclaimer: the event was sponsored by ECPA, as is Pesticide Information). We were not permitted to film the debate itself, which is a shame, seeing as the event aimed to give a voice to all sides of the debate – much like Pesticide Information. Luckily, we were able to conduct some short interviews with attendees just after the event, the first of which was with Roger Waite, who is the editor of AGRA FACTS, a Brussels-based newsletter that closely monitors EU agriculture policy.

You can view some of the highlights in the video below, where Roger gives his take on the event, the gulf in differences of opinions and the difficulties this causes him as a journalist, the logic behind conducting a full impact assessment on the revision of Directive 91/414 governing pesticides, and calls for the European Commission’s agriculture and rural affairs directorate, DG Agri, to be more involved in the current regulatory process.

Click here to view the video.

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