For those readers who don’t regularly check out the posts by other bloggers that prop up in our Netvibes Universe, here’s a sample from the last month or so that might be of interest.

Rob Edwards writes about alleged reports of record levels of pesticide contamination in European food.

Nogger’s blog reports on the Eurocare study on alleged price increases that might come about if the revision of Directive 91/414 is passed (see our post on this same topic).

The European Journal has a post about the scientists’ petition against the revision of 91/414 due to the effect it could have on fighting malaria in some developing countries.

Beyond Pesticides reports on PAN’s claims that record levels of pesticide residues have been found in food in Europe.

In her blog, Jane King of Farmers Weekly also reports on alleged price increases if 91/414 is passed.

MCS America contains a post entitled Potential developmental neurotoxicity of pesticides used in Europe.

Campagnes et Environnement also post on the potential price increases reported in the EuroCare study (in French).

Alimentazione Made in Italy report on the threat to “Made in Italy” agricultural products, refering to hazel nuts in particular, from imports from Turkey if 91/414 is passed (in Italian).

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