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How Safe … and for whom?

Securing the safety of our children, family and co-workers is, apparently, increasingly important in many countries around the world. Governments continually pass legislation to restrict certain behaviours as well as products that could potentially cause harm. But are we going too far in wanting to remove all potential risks from our daily lives … and… » read more

Posted by Richard Tren

The cool autumn air in Brussels means that the outdoor cafes are ideal places to sit, read and watch the world go by. This is a very pleasant, civilised and thoroughly European city. As with many European cities, there are little in the way of outward reminders of Belgium’s brutal colonial history. The behaviour of… » read more

Posted by Richard Tren

The derogation issue

Those who claim that reports like that by the UK Pesticides Safety Directorate (PSD) exaggerate the likely impact of proposed changes to EU pesticides legislation often point to the existence of a derogation in the Council’s common position. This would allow the continued use for up to five years of pesticides that would otherwise be… » read more

Posted by Wyn Grant

We attended the Healthy Foods Summit in London earlier this week with our trusted handycam. Following the keynote debate on food production, we spoke to two of the panel members, Helen Browning, Food and Farming Director at the Soil Association and Caroline Drummond, Chief Executive of LEAF, an association that specialises in integrated farm management… » read more

Posted by Helen Dunnett

Representatives from Europe’s fresh and processed fruit and vegetable sector voiced their concern last week about the ongoing revisions to the pesticide legislation. They argue that if the pesticide legislation goes through based on the European Parliament’s amendments adopted during first reading of this Directive last year, it will remove many plant protection solutions (fungicides,… » read more

Posted by Helen Dunnett