This week a pesticide-resistance petition, signed by 72 scientists and agriculturists, was presented to the European Parliament. The scientists are concerned that revisions to the existing European pesticide legislation which includes reducing the number of pesticides on the market could lead to pests developing resistances to remaining products. The scientists say that fewer active ingredients will mean pests regularly treated with a single product type are more likely to develop a resistance.

MEPs Robert Sturdy and Neil Parish both welcomed the petition, and Sturdy issued his own press statement: Scientists call for EU pesticides rethink.

Back in April this year, scientists came together to discuss the revision of 91/414 in relation to the dangers of pests building tolerances to remaining pesticides and the potential impact on agriculture. View Ian Denholm, Rothamsted Research, UK presenting the “Declaration of Ljubljana”.

At the time we interviewed other scientists about their views on pesticides and legislation after the workshop which can be viewed here.

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