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September 1st sees the coming into force of new European legislation on the legal amount of pesticide residues allowed in our food. The legislation aims to standardise the permitted levels across Europe, which previously differed from country to country. The Commission believes this will ensure better consumer protection and improve trade and import. In the… » read more

Posted by Helen Dunnett

If you wish to restrict your consumption of hazardous pesticides you are advised to:- i) eat vegetables and fruit crops (in fact all crops) that have been treated with synthetic pesticides, ii) to cut down on eating organic vegetables and fruit and iii) reject the skins of fruit and vegetables. This advice is the inevitable… » read more

Posted by Victor Shorrocks

On our recent farm trip to the JSR farms in Driffield, East Yorkshire, United Kingdom (see entries below), we spoke to a couple of the journalists present at the event to get their take on the issues of how pesticides are portrayed in the media, what they see as driving the debate, and what they… » read more

Posted by Helen Dunnett

In this clip, Philip Huxtable speaks about Integrated Farm Management (IFM) on his farm. European farmers are increasingly adopting and developing IFM, which combines traditional farming methods with modern technology and products: ‘the best of both’. This approach combines techniques such as crop rotation to prevent the build-up of certain pests in one field, choosing… » read more

Posted by Helen Dunnett

Earlier this week, we attended a farm visit at JSR Farms in East Yorkshire, United Kingdom (disclosure: the event was organised by ECPA). The event was an “information day” for the press, aimed at providing a farmer’s opinion on the effects the proposed revision of the current pesticide legislation (Directive 91/414) will have on his… » read more

Posted by Helen Dunnett

On 23 June, the Agriculture Council agreed a common position on new rules for placing pesticides (aka plant protection products) on the market in the EU. View the filmed announcement in Luxembourg. The Council’s political agreement bans the marketing and use of substances proven to be carcinogenic, mutagenic and toxic for reproduction, amid claims from… » read more

Posted by Helen Dunnett

ADAS has delivered a stark warning about the possible consequences of changes in pesticide regulations now being discussed by the European Union. James Clarke of ADAS has concluded that the potential impact on prices of the Commission proposals would be that farmers would need a 25 per cent increase in prices to make up for… » read more

Posted by Wyn Grant

The BCPC in the UK hosted a food chain forum in June, attended by growers, advisors, retainers, consumer organisations and government representatives. They came together to discuss the impact of EU’s proposed legislation on UK food production, availability and price. Not an uncommon theme right now in the media.The event was described as a “wake-up… » read more

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The Independent recently published an article on organic farming by science writer and doctor, Rob Johnston. A brave man frankly; he was challenging the benefits of organic farming. However within a week I was please to see the Soil Association’s, Lord Melchett, coming back with his take on the benefits. I’ve read both articles and… » read more

Posted by Helen Dunnett