At the European Voice event we recently attended (see our previous entry) we had a short chat with Mr Otmar Weingarten, who is Managing Director of the the Verband Deutscher Hopfenpflanzer, the Association of German Hop Growers. Mr Weingarten spoke about: the yield and quality reductions that German hop growers (who account for a third… » read more

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For those readers who don’t regularly check out the posts by other bloggers that prop up in our Netvibes Universe, here’s a sample from the last month or so that might be of interest. Rob Edwards writes about alleged reports of record levels of pesticide contamination in European food. Nogger’s blog reports on the Eurocare… » read more

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International Policy Network, a UK think-tank, issued a statement today on their assessment of the ongoing reform of European pesticide legislation, Directive 91/414. Professor Sir Colin Berry, Emeritus Professor of Pathology at Queen Mary College, University of London, and former UK government scientist, criticised the proposed legislation saying: “The costs of implementing this legislation will… » read more

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Following our visit to the Efyasa farm in Spain, we spoke to chief agronomist José Luis Ripolles. He mentioned the quality issue arising from attacks by the California Red Scale pest; the limited use of pesticides in citrus fruit farming in Spain; and the fact that the five year exemption on irreplaceable pesticides being touted… » read more

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The ‘minor uses’ problem

A frequently expressed concern is that the main potential losers from the proposed changes in pesticide rules might be various fruits and vegatables such as peas, cabbages and carrots. The relatively small volumes of production might not justify the commercial effort to find replacement products. Although customarily referred to as ‘minor uses’ of plant protection… » read more

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Last week we attended a press briefing in Brussels for the launch of a new impact study that looks at the possible price increases on agricultural markets in Europe if current revisions of the regulation governing pesticides (Directive 91/414) are approved. The study was produced by EuroCARE BONN, the European Centre for Agricultural, Regional and… » read more

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How Safe … and for whom?

Securing the safety of our children, family and co-workers is, apparently, increasingly important in many countries around the world. Governments continually pass legislation to restrict certain behaviours as well as products that could potentially cause harm. But are we going too far in wanting to remove all potential risks from our daily lives … and… » read more

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